Sprinting to the altar

sprinting to health not the altarWhen you’re in love, it can be difficult to keep from sprinting to the altar. Understandably, people want to get married and start their lives together as soon as possible. One thing to remember when you’re heading for marriage is the ability to stick around for your partner for many years to come.

America is in the middle of an obesity epidemic and the more extra weight you have, the more risk you have of suffering from a fatal heart attack, stroke or other complications. Finding an excellent exercise program that you can easily stick to through the next phase of your life can help extend the time you have with the love of your life.

Starting a running program has been one of the most popular ways to get in shape and lose weight for generations. The biggest favor you can do for yourself when losing weight is moving! Running is a great way to burn that extra fat and get you in shape quickly. But before you begin any running program, consult with your doctor to ensure that you are healthy enough to begin.

Learning how to run is a process, and unless you’ve already been doing it your whole life, you’ll want to take it easy when you first start – otherwise, you may find that you don’t have as much motivation to run when you have scheduled that time. Routines are crucial to any successful exercise program.

Comfort is important when you’re beginning a running program, and that starts with your feet. You’ll want to invest in a decent set of running sneakers that are designed specifically for running and cross-training.

When beginning a new running program, it’s also important to prevent shin splints, so consult with the experts at your store about how to properly toe strike. Finding the correct answer to this will prevent long term damage to your body, so research everything and get the right type of shoe that will make your running program easier on your body. Checkout some POSE Running videos on YouTube

Another thing to consider when beginning your running program is the type of track/surface you’re running on. When you first start out, you’ll want to avoid hard concrete surfaces like the road or sidewalks in your neighborhood. Instead, look for a track to run on. This will help reduce the impact of running on your knees and ankles. After running on a track for a few weeks, you should be able to move onto different surfaces that will make it easier to explore the neighborhoods you’re running in.

Running is a great way to get in shape before your impending nuptials. The more committed you are to being in shape for your big wedding day, the better you’ll feel. Sprint towards the altar healthy and ready to take on your new lives together.

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