Free Wedding Workout Wednesday 10/16/13

spring weddingWith us getting so close to winter time, those of you with Spring weddings should be getting serious about your wedding workout plan.

Are you?

A good starting point is 3+ months before your wedding. Those 3+ months will give you enough time to make a significant change in your body composition.

Think tones arms, tightened abs, and perky buns. 😉

It’s really just about starting, and sticking to your guns.

And guess what…

…we are here to help!

Don’t wait until it’s too late to get started on your wedding workouts. This is something that you absolutely cannot leave until the last moment. It requires planning, and time to get that great looking wedding body.

Get started NOW!!!

Alright, let’s do this Wedding Workout Wednesday thing.

I love burpeesWarm up
3 round of:
20 arm circles forward
20 arm circles backward
15 air squats
10 push-ups on kneed or toes

Start a running clock.
Do 1 burpee
When the clock hits 1 min do 2 burpees
When the clock hits 2 mins do 3 burpees
When the clock hits 3 mins do 4 burpees.
Keep going, adding 1 burpee each min until you cannot complete all of your burpees in the min.

How to do burpees

This is a great workout that allows everyone to work at their own fitness levels. Push yourself to see how many burpees you can get to. Then record that number in your journal.

We would love to hear how this workout goes for you.


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