Wedding Workout Wednesday 6/19/13

wedding workoutIt’s that time of the week again. Time to get your Wedding Workout on! Assuming that you haven’t started one of our daily workout programs…

Here’s your workout:

Warm up:
3 rounds not for time of:
20 arm circles (forward and backwards)
10 squats
10 toe touches
20 meters of grapevines

1 minute of running
2 minutes of walking
Repeat 5 times

When you’re running, go as fast as you can for the 1 minute. The walk should be nice and easy.

This is only 5 minutes of total work, but you should feel toasted. If not, complete the following workout.

20 seconds of air squats
10 seconds of rest
Repeat 8 times

When doing these workouts you should be moving as fast as you can with good form. They should be hard. It should be a challenge to move yourself fast.

Let us know how you felt after doing this.

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