Wednesday Wedding Workout 5/22/13

Wedding Bride TossHow do you feel about squats? How do you feel about jumping? You love them both, right?

Well that’s what this Wednesday Wedding Workout is going to start with.

But before we get into that, let’s get started with a good warm up.

2 rounds of:
20 jumping jacks
20 high knees
20 butt kickers
20 arm circles

Now for the workout!

Set your clock for 10 mins. Each minute your going to do as many of the prescribed exercise as possible.

Minute 1
Jumping squats
Minute 2
Minute 3
Minute 4
Mountain climbers
Minute 5
Minute 6
Minute 7
Plank on elbows
Minute 8
Plank on right side
Minute 9
Plank on left side
Minute 10

Here’s a fun fact for you… Did you know that planks are a better ab exercise than sit-ups or crunches? True story. Not to mention your diet has far more to do with having great abs than exercise.

Remember that if you want to keep the workouts coming, checkout all of the Wedding WOD/Workout programs. They are “pay what you want,” which means you can pay $0 to whatever you want.

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