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Sunday meal prep #weddingdiet

Get your #weddingdiet on with these great meal prep ideas. Each week we will do our best to post up our Sunday meal prep to the site so you can follow along in our healthy eating journey. Cheat day crock pot … [Read more]

Holiday eating attack plan!

With the holidays quickly approaching I thought it would be a good idea to give you a person attack plan. This plan is designed to keep you from gaining any fat this holiday season. It might not be the easiest plan, but it’s the only one that … [Read more]

Favorite Recipes for Weight Loss

Our favorite recipes for weight loss from Chapter Five of the Brides Easy/Ultimate Guide to Wedding Dieting -Bake a cake and eat it too. -Recipes, and where to find them.   Sweet Potato Casserole This is a dish that we came up with … [Read more]

What does it take to get “get toned”

There’s a lot of misconception around what a toned body is. Or what it takes to get toned. And one of our readers pointed out that we should bring this topic to light. What is “tone”? Tone is a combination of muscle mass, and lack of body … [Read more]

Looking to tone and shape your arms for the big day? Here are my top seven tips!

A question that we get asked all the time is "how can I tone and shape my arms?". So, we put together this list of the top seven tips for accomplishing that goal. Enjoy, and let us know if you have questions. 1. Do pushups 3 days a … [Read more]

The #1 thing most brides don’t account for… don’t let this be you.

Almost every bride-to-be that I talk to thinks they can find a magic bullet when it comes to looking in-shape for their wedding. But the only people that find that magic bullet are the brides that work hard, and use the right program. The #1 … [Read more]

WeddingWOD Christmas workout

Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy this Christmas workout that you can do at-home without any equipment. This workout is performed just like the song 12 days of Christmas. 1 Run 200 meters 2 handstand pushups, 1 run 200 meters 3 … [Read more]

5 Wedding Sites That You Might Not Know About (But Should)

When it comes to wedding sites we all know the big ones, but there are always diamonds in the rough that can ofter provide more value than the bigger sites. This is my list of the 5 wedding the you might now know about, but could be a great help to … [Read more]

Free Wedding Workout Wednesday: “did you see her arms!?”

Would anyone like some toned arms for their wedding day? This wedding workout wednesday is all about getting those amazing toned arms that every bride wants. Wedding Workout Wednesday Warm up 3 rounds of: 20 arm circles (starting small … [Read more]

3 Things You Can Do Today To Look Better In Your Dress

With so many people trying to tell you what you need to do these days it’s hard to know who you should listen to. Well, I’ve been getting women just like you into amazing shape for over 12 years. And, what I’ve found to work doesn’t just … [Read more]