About – Wedding Workouts

I can hear you now: “how can you train me if I’m in across the world from you?”

Well, I’m here to answer that question for you.

I’ve spent years personal training, and creating programs for clients with all kinds of goals. But the issue that I always ran into was, I couldn’t help everyone… I really don’t like telling someone they can’t be fit and healthy (or look great for their wedding) because they don’t live near me, I don’t have space for them, or they can’t afford me.

And on the flip side, you never know what someone can afford to pay, or what kind of value they put on looking, feeling, and being great. I’ve had people give me $1,000 bonuses above and beyond paying for their program because they said “it was worth more than what I was charging.”

The truth is, being healthy at fit is priceless.

My biggest goal in life is to empower people to get into great shape, and be unbelievably healthy. And I believe that if I do what I love, and help as many people as possible, that will happen.

With online training/coaching I can help you, and MANY more people just like you at the same time. Technology is amazing!

Who am I, and why Wedding Workouts…

I have been involved in the health and fitness world (personal trainer, coach, athlete, etc) for over 12 years.

I’ve run my own fitness businesses in San Diego, New York City, and Seattle.

But why wedding workouts?.. It’s a great question.

The reason that I’m incredibly interested in getting people in amazing shape for their weddings is… about two years ago, my sister got engaged to be married.

During one of our conversations about her wedding, the topic of gifts came up. She mentioned that it would be cool if I could help her get into shape for her wedding, and said that would be a great gift. I thought it was a fantastic idea, but I didn’t know that half of it.

I decided to give her, and her wedding party 6 months of workouts, 5 days a week, right up to the day of her wedding. I would write the workouts for them on my fitness blog www.AllAroundJoe.com, and they would meet me for an in-person workout once a week.

The really interesting thing was that almost everyone in my sisters wedding party was getting married within about 12 months of my sisters wedding.

What did this mean… It meant they were ALL motivated to work hard!

That’s when it dawned on me that this would be a great time to come into peoples lives.

As you know, motivation can be a hard thing for people to find. But for almost everyone, their wedding is a time they want to look and feel great.

Your wedding, where everyone will be looking at you, and you want to feel your best, is great motivation to get out of bed, and get your workout done. And I’m here to tell you exactly what to do!

The best thing about my sisters story, is everyone in her wedding party has kept on doing the workouts. They are in amazing shape, it’s become a habit/routine for them, and they just keep getting healthier and healthier.

It’s amazing what people can do with a little motivation!

If you have any questions you can email us at [email protected], or fill out the form below.