Looking to tone and shape your arms for the big day? Here are my top seven tips! – Wedding Workouts

A question that we get asked all the time is “how can I tone and shape my arms?”. So, we put together this list of the top seven tips for accomplishing that goal. Enjoy, and let us know if you have questions.

1. Do pushups 3 days a week.

Pushups are a great way to build the deltoid and triceps muscles.  Just doing 3 sets to failure, 3 times a week will get those muscle looking lean and toned in no time.

2. Do pull-ups.

Yes, I know, pull-ups are hard, but I’m not saying to do them without assistance.  Go ahead and use the pull-up machine that gives you some help, or use a band.  This exercise is the BEST for toning and shaping your biceps and back muscles.  Just like the pushups, shoot for 3 sets to failure (8-12 reps), 3 times a week for great results.

3. Drink lots of water.

If you been following WeddingWOD at all then you know that we talk a lot about drinking more water.  We do this because your body simply runs better when you’re drinking enough water.  You’ll lose fat faster, you’ll feel better, you’ll think better, you’ll look more lean and toned.  How much water should you be drinking?  That’s a good question, and one that’s hard to find a good answer on.  If you’re working out regularly try to drink .75 ounces of water per pound of body weight.  You might have to pee a lot at first, but your body will level out, and start feeling great.

4. Do deltoid exercises.

These are overhead dumbbell presses, and lateral raises.  Doing these exercises will directly tax the deltoid muscles, which are the most important in making your arms look awesome.  Again, doing both exercises 3 sets to failure (8-12 reps), 3 times a week will provide the stimulus to get your deltoids looking great for you wedding day.

5. Don’t eat grains.

Grains include bread, rice, oatmeal, etc.  These guys are simply not needed in your diet, and will make it really hard to get lean and toned arms.  No matter what kind of grains you’re eating.  Just don’t eat them.  They get converted to sugar in your body.  Even the claimed to be “health” kinds.

6. Avoid sugar at all cost.

Sugar might taste great, but it will also tell your body to gain fat like no other.  Sugar is the number one way to sabotage your dreams of looking amazing on your wedding day.  Eating fats doesn’t make you fat, sugar does!

7. Do squats.

Doing squats will not only make your legs look great, but they will also stimulate hormones in your body that will cause your whole body to look great.  Squats are a wonderful thing!

These are the seven most important things you can do to get great looking arms for your wedding day.  Don’t waste time, get started now.

If you have questions that come up, ask!

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