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Burn & Tone

What does looking amazing on your wedding day mean to you?
Start getting results today!


Start Today ($10)

How does it work?

  1. Pay $10 a month for the Burn & Tone program (cancel anytime).
  2. We immediately email your first workout.
  3. We will continue emailing you daily workouts until you cancel.
  4. Dive into the Brides Ultimate Guide to Wedding Dieting (included).
  5. HAVE FUN!

Who is this program for?

This is the perfect program if you’re the type of bride to-be that wants…

  • To look amazing on your wedding day, and is willing to work for it :-).
  • To have fat burning workouts sent to you daily. No more having to think about what will get results.
  • To be able to do workouts at-home (or at the gym). You decide.
  • To have a trainer with over 12 years of experience making sure you get results. You can email us anytime!
  • To have jaws drop when you walk down the aisle.
  • To remember hearing people talk about how amazing you look. Seriously, people won’t believe how you look.



Maggie O.Doing wedding WODs was the best thing we could have done. We were able to meet up with most of our wedding party once a week (guys and girls) for 6 months prior to the wedding. This was a great way for the party to bond and we could all get in shape together. AND we all still follow the programing a year later.

Maggie O.

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 2.24.35 PMAs a bridesmaid in several summer weddings along with my own wedding in August, I was the most motivated I had ever been to get in shape, but I had no idea where to start. I had been familiar with the concept of crossfit for quite some time, but was pretty intimated. Working with Joe made all of this seem possible.

For the first time ever, I ENJOY working out.

Annie Z.

What is included in this program…

  • Workouts emailed right to your inbox (daily).
  • For only $10 a month you’ll have the piece of mind to know you will look amazing in your dress. How much is your morning coffee costing you? My guess is less than $10 a month…
  • Workouts that can be done with very minimal equipment in your home.
  • Email access to the WeddingWOD team for support and motivation (this is a HUGE value in itself).



Email WeddingWOD@gmail.com or call (206) 714-2186 with questions


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