Wedding Workout Wednesday 7/24/13 – Wedding Workouts

Have you ever felt like it was hard to get a workout program started? Many of your fellow WeddingWODders have felt the same way. This can be a tough obstacle to overcome. How would you like a solution to this obstacle?

Here’s what’s working for other WeddingWODders…

It’s really pretty simple…

Just give the gift of an awesome body and unlimited energy to everyone in your bridal party. I know what you’re thinking… some of them just won’t want to workout. You might be right, but you will have more convincing power than ever leading up to your wedding. Give it a shot.

There have been a number of brides going through this program who have gotten the rest of their bridesmaids to join them, and keep each other working hard and on track. And they almost always come back, and tell us how much fun it was to do this healthy thing together.

You might even find that the Wedding Workouts bring you closer than you ever thought you could be.

Give it a shot, and if you need motivation or have questions, let us know!

Here’s Wedding Workout Wednesday:

Warmup 3 rounds not for time of: 20 arm circles (forward and backward) 15 air squat

10 push-ups


3 rounds for time of: 20 jumping lunges (10 each leg) 15 clapping push-ups – on knees or toes 10 sit-ups

5 burpees


Let us know how this workout goes for you by commenting below.