Free Wedding Workout Wednesday & Quick Weight Loss Tips 11/13/13 – Wedding Workouts

Who wants to find a quick weight loss solution?

You, me, everyone!

Seriously though, I know that there are a few of you out there that have your wedding coming up, and you didn’t take the time to start your diet the recommended amount of time before (3 months minimum).

So for you I’m going to list the top 3 things you can do to quickly lose weight safely.  It’s gotta be safe because I don’t want to hear about anyone doing some crazy crash dieting and passing out on their wedding day.  Trust me, it happens.  Don’t let that be you.  Be safe.

  1. Drink extra water – Can you believe it?  If you drink more water… your body will actually hold onto less water.  And you’ll look leaner.  I recommend that you drink .75 ounce per pound of body weight.  For you crazies out there, you can go up to 1 ounce per pound of body weight, but don’t go higher than that.
  2. Don’t eat any grains or sugar – But eat extra green leafy vegetables.  This will drop most of your carbs dramatically, and you’ll see results fast.  Just let your loved ones know that you might have a few mood swings while you’re getting used to this diet.  Make sure that you keep eating your protein and fat.  Remember that fat doesn’t make you fat, and can actually help you lose fat.
  3. Exercise – Do some kind of resistance training, and cardio 5 days a week until your wedding.  This can be body weight resistance training, or weight lifting at your gym, and for cardio… running, uphill walking on a treadmill, rowing, swimming, biking, etc.

The above is the quick and dirty way to get some fast weight loss for before your big day (the wedding).  If you have questions about this, email us.

Here’s your Wedding Workout Wednesday

Warm up: Run 1 mile then 3 rounds of: 20 air squats 10 pushups

15 jumping jacks

Workout: 3 rounds for time of: Sprint 200m 10 burpees 10m of bear crawls

10m of lunges

Let us know how it goes.  We love to hear the feedback. 🙂

Until next week…

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