Getting past those pesky cravings to save your Wedding diet – Wedding Workouts

When you’re about to get married, did you know the most common thing couples want to accomplish together is losing weight? Fortunately, your chances of meeting your weight loss goals go up considerably when you have a support system with you that can keep you honest about your eating and workout commitments. That’s why going on a diet together should be a give and take about what the both of you can handle as far as new diets.

Dieting is difficult because the whole world seems set up to help you fail and give in to your food cravings and temptations. For example, there’s nothing worse that attending an office party with free cake, or having a long afternoon and being unable to eat your specifically prepared lunch, and the impulse items at the store look tempting, or just dinner out with friends – learning how to resist those cravings can be the most difficult part of sticking to your diet.

The key to resisting those cravings lie in what you put in your body. Often times, when you think you’re hungry, your body is actually just dehydrated and wants water to help satiate its cravings. The signals your brain receives can be misinterpreted and you try and satisfy those cravings with food. Instead, start carrying around a water bottle.

Support systems are also crucial to keeping you honest about your diet. Simply telling people you’re on a diet isn’t enough. They aren’t there to keep you honest. Instead, promote your healthy lifestyle through the conscious choices you make throughout your day. Eventually, people will pick up on the idea that you’re attempting to lose weight and will cease offering you cupcakes, or other sugary goodies that seem to invade the office every day. Keep healthy snacks nearby that will satiate whatever cravings you might have. Baby carrots are a popular option for many, as well as protein bars or fruit. With those protein bars, keep an eye on the nutritional information contained on it as some of those granola bars that look healthy are actually filled with problematic ingredients like high fructose corn syrup. The closer you keep an eye on the ingredients, the easier it will be to stick to your diet. Your body takes time to acclimate to the new foods, but, if you’re able to fight through those cravings for junk, then eventually, that junk will start tasting bad to you since your body is craving the good stuff.

Avoid taking supplements that claim to suppress your appetite. Suppressing your appetite does you no good if after the supplement wears off and you pig out because you’re starving. Eat basic small snacks throughout the day so you can control your blood sugar levels and make them work for you.

Your wedding is supposed to be a joyous day! Don’t ruin it by being miserable with a bad diet. Work on improving yourself and the life you build with your spouse will be a bright one!