Holiday eating attack plan! – Wedding Workouts

With the holidays quickly approaching I thought it would be a good idea to give you a person attack plan.

This plan is designed to keep you from gaining any fat this holiday season.

It might not be the easiest plan, but it’s the only one that really works without having to kill yourself in the gym.

Not only that, but it will give you a framework for the rest of your crazy life. 🙂

This plan starts the week before Thanksgiving, on November 20th.

Here we go…!

We are going to set your body up to be a fat burning machine without having to skip any of the holiday eating that you love. In fact when the holiday eating comes around I want you to EAT AS MUCH AS YOUR HEART DESIRES!

Yep, you heard me… go for it!

BUT, you need to follow my rules before you get to that eating extravaganza.

Sound good? You ready? Are you able to commit to this?

It’s not hard, you just have to follow some rules. In fact, you should be following these rules on a regular basis.

On November 20th you…

* Do interval training for 20-30 mins. This can be done at anytime during the day. * DO NOT eat any carbs other than green leafy vegetables. * YOU MUST eat green leafy vegetables at least 3 times per day. * Eat as much protein and fat as you’d like. This can be eggs, meat, nuts, nut butter, avocados, coconut oil, olive oil, cheese, butter, etc. * ZERO FRUIT!

* At least 100 ounces of water.

Here’s an example of what your day will look like.

7am wake up Drink 30 ounce of water Breakfast – 3 eggs scrambled with coconut oil and 4 cups of spinach or kale. Add cheese if you’d like. Go to work Keep a water bottle on your desk at all times. The larger the water bottle the better. Every time you go to the bathroom take 5+ big gulps from your water bottle. Snack – a handful of raw almonds or cashews. 12noon Lunch – LARGE salad from any place you’d like. Dressing must have zero sugar, so think olive oil and vinaigrette, or blue cheese. Also, iceberg lettuce doesn’t count as a green leafy vegetable. Ask for no croutons, they are essentially bread, and bread is essentially sugar. 3-4pm Snack – Another handful of nuts, or some beef jerky. 5-6pm Workout – Warm up for 10 mins on the elliptical. Then do a 30 minute high intensity circuit. This is ideally done with 3-6 rounds/sets, 8-15 reps per exercise per set, and large movements (squats, lunges, bench/pushups, pull-ups/pulldowns, etc). 7pm Dinner – Steak or chicken, broccoli with butter, cauliflower with butter. Relax Eat some more nuts if you get hungry before bed.

If you’re eating enough fat you shouldn’t be getting hungry. It might take a few days for this to set in.

****Repeat this everyday until Thanksgiving, but take every 4th day off from the workouts. If you’d like to stay active you can go for a walk or easy run/ride.

THANKSGIVING – On Thanksgiving I want you to eat ZERO carbs until your Thanksgiving dinner, so the same rules as above still apply.

I also want you do this workout 1 hour before you leave for your destination, or one hour before you need to start helping with food prep, or one hour before eating. I actually don’t care when you do it, but you MUST DO THIS WORKOUT on Thanksgiving. No exceptions!

Warm up 3 rounds of: 20 squats 20 jumping jacks 20 arm circles

10 pushups

Actual workout (Pre-Gorging Workout) 3 rounds as fast as you can with good form! 10 full burpees. That means chest to the ground, and jumping at the top with hands overhead. 20 walking lunges (10 each leg)

30 sit ups – hands must touch above head on floor, and your shoes/feet at the top.

I practice what I preach

Once you’ve done this workout you are good to go, and eat all the Thanksgiving food you’d like. Crush it! Eat like it’s 1999!

Just remember we are priming your body for this to work correctly. So, you must follow the rules that I gave you above.

What happens after Thanksgiving?

Good question! You can repeat this process all the way through the New Year.

Simply drop right back into the guidelines that I set above after Thanksgiving. Meaning ZERO carbs other than green leafy vegetable, lots of fat, and protein. All while doing a circuit style workout for 20-30 mins 5 days a week (3 days on, 1 day off).

THEN… if you have a holiday party or Christmas, or New Years… you MUST do the Pre-Gorging Workout prior to eating the food. Preferably within an hour or two of the feeding.

The cool thing about this… if you’re doing it right. You’ll start to feel awesome, and full of energy all the time. And you can stick to this everyday, even after the holidays. This is how the must successful people eat.

If you have any burning questions regarding this article please ask in the comment section below or email me a [email protected] if you’d like to to keep your question private.


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