Wedding Diets That Work! – Wedding Workouts

April 10, 2013 By weddingwod

wedding-diets-that-work-300x187-4602287Your wedding is one of, if not the most important day of your life. This will be the day when hundreds, if not thousands of pictures will capture your image for posterity for future generations. You’ll want to not only look your best for the photos, but also for your future spouse. Look at a small waistline as the fresh start a marriage has always signified.

There are several diets that you can use to look good for your wedding day, but we’ve narrowed down a few for you to consider depending on your timeline and lifestyle.

South Beach Diet

The South Beach diet has become hugely popular over the last few years. A low-carbohydrate high protein diet, South Beach enables those who want to change their lifestyle without having to give up the types of foods they like the most. It’s a well-balanced diet that takes dedication to stick to. Fortunately, many companies have versions of their products that offer a low-carbohydrate version that is able to fit into your daily needs.

Caveman/Paleo Diet

The Caveman, or Paleo Diet is a recent addition on the diet and weight loss scene. The concept behind it is to eat the same sort of unprocessed foods that was mostly available during the time when humanity was still evolving during caveman times. The theory being that our bodies were evolutionarily adapted for a diet high in fish, meat, nuts and legumes. This means no processed foods, sugar or grains.

Paid options:

Paying to get onto a diet plan can be more expensive, however, becoming part of a planned weight loss program also includes such perks like group counseling, support groups, and an easy to follow diet plan. Paid options also have options that can help you easily keep track of what you’re eating and the amount of exercise you get every day. Counselors are also used to helping out many people who are going on crash wedding diets and they can help you reach your goal through an  accelerated program.

Jenny Craig

Jenny Craig is by far the most popular option for people who are looking to lose weight. Jenny Craig has been offering people help to lose weight since 1983. Their program is dedicated to helping people relearn what they need to eat – from portion control, to proper nutrition and the formulation of good eating habits. Jenny Craig is an in-depth program that offers those who want to lose weight extensive counseling and a premade diet food for a reasonable price.

Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers also is a weight management program that seeks to help people lose weight through counseling about nutrition and forming good habits. Weight Watchers however is special in that with their “points system” you can eat those foods you thought you’d never be able to eat again. The amount of points you get to eat per day depends on your individual needs.

Wedding diets aren’t easy, but they’re worth it. Find a good wedding diet that you think will work for you and stick to it! Your spouse will thank you!