What does it take to get “get toned” – Wedding Workouts

There’s a lot of misconception around what a toned body is. Or what it takes to get toned. And one of our readers pointed out that we should bring this topic to light.

What is “tone”?

Tone is a combination of muscle mass, and lack of body fat.

A lot of times people think that lifting weights or doing resistance training will make you bulky, but the truth is, it’s half of the toned look that most people want to achieve.

Getting bulky happens when you do resistance training (lift weights) AND OVEREAT.

And skinny without any tone happens when you do cardio without doing resistance training.

To get a great “toned” body you must have both the resistance training, and the cardio, and the right diet. You’ve gotta have it all.

In order to have nice long, lean muscle you need resistance training, and in order to see them you need to do cardio and have a solid diet.

Does this all make sense?

This is why our Burn & Tone workout program includes resistance training and cardio.

If you’re not working hard at your resistance training you are probably leaving results on the table.

In fact, fun fact… resistance training burns much more calories than cardio. So the best way to get your cardio is through resistance training.

For example:

3 rounds as fast as you can of: 20 air squats 15 burpees

10 sit ups

The lack of rest will get your heart rate souring, and the calories burning.

Now go “get toned” the right way.

If you have any question on this topic ask away!