Wedding Weight Loss… – Wedding Workouts

Did you know that there are thousands of people who are searching for “Wedding Weight Loss”?

What this tells me is that people are looking to lose weight before their weddings.  So what I’m going to do is handle Wedding Weight Loss as a list of things that you can do to loss weight before your wedding.  If you have questions just type them into the comments section below, and I’ll be happy to answer them.

Here’s a list of things that will cause Wedding Weight Loss

  • Eat veggies instead of grains.  Grains can be easily turned into sugars by your body, and sugars can be easily turned into fat.  Veggies have great fiber, vitamins, minerals, and consuming them instead of grains will help you lose weight quickly.
  • Workout with weights or resistance 3+ times a week.  Resistance training stimulates hormones in your body that will promote fat burning.  It will also make you muscle look lean and toned.
  • Limit your alcohol consumption to 1 night a week.  Alcohol is no good for your body.  There’s really nothing helpful about it when it comes to wedding weight loss.  Sorry.
  • Do your tasks while walking (calls, email, meetings, etc).  Any little bit of movement adds up.  Keeping yourself moving during the day will really add up.
  • Drink lots of water! .75 ounce per pound of body weight.  Drinking more water will make you body function better.  Which includes fat burning.  It will also keep you from holding water weight.
  • Drink water instead of juice or other flavored drinks.  Juice and soda are full of sugar, and consuming sugar is the easiest way to gain fat.
  • Order what you want at restaurants.  Really, if you want veggies instead of that baked potato or rice (which you should), ask for it.  I rarely order something at a restaurant without modifying the meal.
  • Do high intensity workouts.  If you really want to see the results, work hard!  Workouts don’t have to be long.  They just have to be intense.
  • Schedule your workouts.  Your workouts should be just as important as your work schedule, or that date with your girlfriends.  Put it in your calendar and schedule it.  No excuses.

These are some simple tips that you can start using today to cause your “Wedding Weight Loss”.  Weight loss is really all about the routine and habits that you create.  If you create quality routines and habit, you’ll have the body of your dreams all the time, and not just for your wedding.

If you have any questions about the tips above just drop them below.