Wedding Workout Wednesday 10/2/13 – Wedding Workouts

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It’s been a few weeks since our last Wedding Workout Wednesday, but we’re back!

Something that’s very important is consistency when following a workout or diet program. Without consistency it’s hard to expect any results.

When we’re talking about workout consistency, you should shoot for at least 3 days a week of resistance training. And I actually think most people should really try to get 5 days of resistance training in each week.

Each workout session shouldn’t last more than 60 minutes, and most will only need to last about 30 minutes. That is, if the intensity is high enough. Just make sure that you know the proper form of the exercises if you’re going to increase the intensity.

For the dieting part of the consistency equation, you should be doing it at least 6 days a week. Meaning that you should follow your good diet 6 days a week, and you can have 1 day where you eat whatever sounds good.

The real important thing is that you choose the right dietary program to follow.

Here at WeddingWOD we believe that the Paleo diet is the way to go.

You can find more great info on the Paleo diet by checking out the book called It Starts With Food.

You can also checkout websites…

If you’re thinking that having to diet will be hard or restrictive, I can see how you’d feel that way. Although what you’ll find is that you will feel soooooooooo much better after you’ve broken your carb addiction. You’ll feel so amazing that you won’t even know what to do with yourself. I know this sounds crazy, but try it, and get back to me. You only need one to two months to drop your carb addiction. Then feel the energy!

Here’s your workout. Get after it!

Warm up 2 rounds of: 30 arm circles forward 30 arm circles backward 15 air squats 10 push-ups on knees or toes

1 minute plank on elbows and toes

Workout 3 rounds as fast as you can with good form of: 10 burpees 10 air squats

10 push-ups on knees or toes

Cool down 1 min of quad stretching

1 min of pigeon stretching

Let me know how it goes…