Why it's not too late to get in-shape for your summer wedding – Wedding Workouts

June 27, 2013 By weddingwod

Many people think that they need months to make a difference in how they look. But the truth is, you can make quite the impact in just a short few weeks.

If you have an end of summer wedding, get your butt moving.

You can easily lose 2 pounds of fat a week, when on the right exercise and nutrition program. And 2 pounds a week will add up quickly. That’s 8 pounds in a month (minimum), not to mention… that’s only fat loss. We haven’t even talked about muscle, or total body composition change.

Adding muscle tone will also make you look leaner. And in 4 weeks, it’s very realistic to see a 12 pound body composition change!

The important part is that you get started now!

As Nike says: Just Do It!

It will take you less than an hour each day. You will feel great! You will look great! You will be great! And it will set you up for continued health and fitness success.

You can get started today with one of our programs, or you can find another program. BUT GET STARTED TODAY!!!! icon_smile-1599413

Like I said above, 12 pounds of body composition change in 4 weeks isn’t unrealistic. You can do it.

You can kick off your diet by following a post that I wrote on my personal blog titled: How to lose weight/10 pounds

Let me know if you have any questions, just get started today!