The #1 thing most brides don't account for… don't let this be you. – Wedding Workouts

Almost every bride-to-be that I talk to thinks they can find a magic bullet when it comes to looking in-shape for their wedding. But the only people that find that magic bullet are the brides that work hard, and use the right program.

The #1 thing most brides don’t account for when getting into shape for their weddings is… TIME. It always takes more time than you think.

There are a TON of lose weight quick products out there, but you should know that if you’re losing weight faster than 3 pounds a week, you’re loosing too fast. And it could easily back fire on you with health complications.

Fun fact: people on the Biggest Loser are not losing a safe amount of weight.

What you don’t see is people on the Biggest Loser are constantly being monitored by health care professionals. And that losing 1-3 pounds of fat a week is the solid goal that you should be shooting for.

Don’t be one of those brides-to-be that thinks they can wait until the last minute to get into dynamite, amazing looking shape just a few weeks before your wedding.

Things that aren’t what they seem: – Juicing diets – They aren’t all bad, but they aren’t the total solution. You need exercise, protein, and fat as well… – Blending diets – Blending is actually better for you than juicing, but still not a solution all by itself. – Ab machines – I’m not even going to say anything here. – Most ab workout programs – Doing abs along just isn’t a solution for getting abs on your body. You need to burn some fat. – Anything with “overnight” results – These things just don’t happen. Our bodies don’t work that way.

– Fat loss surgery – This is a temporary result that doesn’t even look right.

The chances are good that the last few weeks before your wedding, you’ll be stressed by all of the planning that comes with that huge event in your life. And you should set yourself up to have already accomplished your weight loss (or burning and toning) goals, and be on cruise control at that point.

You can avoid this whole issue by finding a good workout and nutrition program at least 3 months prior to your big day (aka wedding). 3 months will give you enough time to get into a groove, and make some real progress towards that “looking absolutely amazing” goal that you should have.

A lot of us are natural procrastinators, and we need to be held accountable for making changes. Especially when things get tough. And working out isn’t easy, so I can assure you, things will get tough. But tough ins’t a bad thing. With the right mindset you can make all of your fitness goals happen.

Here at WeddingWOD we have a daily workout program that you can do, but if you find something that you like better, or you want to hire a trainer at your gym, do that. Just don’t wait. Make progress now, and look amazing.

We get contacted all the time by brides-to-be that have waited too long to get started. They want to find that magic bullet, but the magic bullet is a great exercise and nutrition routine that you can follow day after day.